Craft for Kids: Paper Pop-Up Summer Card

3D Paper Pop-Up Summer Card Craft

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Make a Paper Pop-Up Summer Card

Materials needed for this craft:

  • cardstock paper (two different colors and one a little smaller than the other)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil or marker for tracing
  • fine marker
  • scrapbooking paper
  • construction paper (I used yellow for the sun and windows, purple and green for flowers, white for the cloud)

1. First, fold each cardstock paper in half. The smaller blue paper will be on the inside of the card.

2. Next, measure and draw the lines as shown below with a pencil. I used a marker so that you could see better. NOTE: The folded edge of the paper is at the bottom.

3. Cut along the vertical lines only.

4. Fold the three flaps to make a good crease. Open the cardstock paper halfway and make the pieces pop out as shown below. Note: You can erase the measurement lines at this point.

5. Glue the blue cardstock paper to the bigger piece of cardstock paper (red).

6. Cut out the houses using scrapbooking paper and construction or cardstock paper.

7. Glue the houses to the middle part of the card as shown below.

8. Cut out flowers and glue them on the left side.

9. Cut out a yellow circle and lines. These will be the sun. Glue those pieces to the card as shown below.

9. Add more flowers to the right side.

11. Cut out, outline, and glue the cloud on the left side as shown below.

And you’re all done! Isn’t the card pretty?

Summer Pop-Up Card - A Craft for Kids

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