Heritage Resources

Heritage Resources

From the website’s About Us page:

“Heritage Resources is a family owned business with the aim of assisting parents and schools in finding curriculum and books for their children. We began our homeschooling journey in 1996, starting with our oldest son when he was in Grade 4. Since then, 10 of our children have completed Grade 12 at home and we are currently homeschooling the last two of our children who are now in Grade 10.

We operate our business near Carman, Manitoba. Heritage Resources started its operations in 1996 out of the basement of our home. Due to continued growth, we built a bookstore onto our home in 2000. The Lord has blessed both our business and the homeschooling community with growth and so in July of 2021 we were able to move to a much larger space!

We also welcome you to browse through our online catalogue and place your order online, or by calling or emailing us.

The Bergsma Family”

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