Reading Skills: Inferencing {Free Printable}

Free Teaching Inferencing Activities

Inferencing is the process of using prior knowledge and textual clues to make educated guesses about what is happening in a text. Readers constantly infer as they read, drawing conclusions and forming unique interpretations. To teach inferencing, consider using the following resources:

  • Anchor Chart: Use an anchor chart with phrases to guide students in making their own inferences.
  • Predictions: Making predictions is a form of inference. Show students how to use what they know to guess what might happen.
  • Wordless Books: Explore wordless picture books, encouraging students to tell the story based on illustrations and real-life knowledge.
  • Character Traits: Focus on character illustrations to infer traits and feelings.

The Curriculum Corner created a collection of activities aimed to enhance inferencing skills in the classroom and empower students to comprehend texts more effectively. To learn more about inferencing and to download their free printable, click on the “view freebie” button below.

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