FREE Halloween Print & Go Math and Literacy Practice Printables

halloween math and literacy practice

Free Halloween math and literacy worksheets from The Curriculum Corner.

In this pack you’ll find the following:


  • Count to 100 – 2 different pages
  • Count to 20 – 2 different pages
  • Fill in the 10 Frames – 2 different pages
  • Reading Number Words
  • Fill in the Missing Numbers (counting 1 – 10)
  • Practice Counting by 2s (counting 2 – 30)
  • Practice Counting by 5s (counting 5 – 80)


  • Write in the Missing Letters (uppercase and lowercase versions)
  • Roll a Halloween Word – Students roll a die, read the Halloween word and color in the box.  You can choose to have students work until they have filled all of the boxes or ask them to roll a die a given number of times.
  • Reading Color Words (2 different pages)
  • Differentiating Words from Letters
  • Find and Graph the Halloween Words
  • Find and Graph the Shapes
  • Fill in the Missing Beginning Letters
  • Color the Letters in Your Name
  • For Fun – Two Drawing Pages (Draw yourself and draw your teacher in a Halloween costume!)

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